Special Events

Special Events

The fans are passionate, that’s no secret. It’s one of the greatest joys of your industry. But a bad experience with a trashy and messy event can turn that passion the wrong direction. Lucky for you, we handle several outdoor sporting events each year with our entire range of solutions including the pre-event clean, during-event clean, post-event clean and the management of the entire process. All with an eye on how we can incorporate our Green Cleaning at every step. 

Sporting events such as the US Open and the New York Yankees Spring Training trust us to do just that. Let us keep your sporting event clean, you have plenty of other details to worry about.

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Green Cleaning

We don’t wait for someone to ask us to be “green.” It’s a core operating principle, it’s part of our fabric. Our keen eye on waste diversion helps reduce hauling costs up to 25%. With careful planning in our partnership, we can divert high volumes of trash from the landfill, creating a more sustainable venue. And a happier planet.