How Clean Is Your Venue?

Are you planning an event?

Even small events can produce large amounts of waste. After your event is over, you’ll need to properly manage the waste and recyclables collected.

Your venue looks best when it’s sparkling clean. Your event cleaning needs include the detailed pre-clean, critical during-event clean, thorough post-clean, and the management of the entire process.

Time doesn’t slow down when our clients are preparing for their next event, and neither do we, whether cleaning out the rafters after a ball game or make sure your event grounds look better than before everything started. We’re purposeful in proactive cleaning practices throughout events and are flexible in adjusting to meet the unique needs of each of our client’s events.

We arrange for adequate transportation for the recyclables. We have a process it as easy as possible to dispose of waste responsibly and efficiently. We provide recycling stands for community events, large and small. All with an eye on how we can incorporate our Green Cleaning at every step.

We don’t wait for someone to ask us to be “green.” It’s a core operating principle, it’s part of our fabric. Our keen eye on waste diversion helps reduce hauling costs up to 25%. With careful planning in our partnership, we can divert high volumes of trash from the landfill, creating a more sustainable venue. And a happier planet.