SmithCo Sweep Star 60

We pride ourselves in providing affordable event cleaning and waste management services, and we do that in any way we possibly can.

One of the pieces of equipment we’re most proud of is the Smithco Sweep Star 60, which is a top-of-the-line item. This piece of machinery helps us to manage waste in an efficient manner, which ultimately costs our customers less money on time and labor costs.

The Smithco Sweep Star 60 is a stable self-propelled machine with a large capacity receptacle which is easy to clean. Why does this matter? All of this matters in our efficiency in cleaning your venue. The Sweep Star also uses rubber fingers which can be set at adjustable heights.  Why does this matter? This allows us to adjust the machine to the terrain we are navigating, which ultimately keeps the event spaces in pristine condition.

The nice thing about this heavy-duty equipment is that it lets us manage a variety of venues. We can take it anywhere, whether it is the US Open, Lollapalooza, the South Carolina State Fair, or places we haven’t even been yet! We know that it’s going to provide the power we need to clean the spaces thousands of people will be navigating, but it also will preserve the environment and the land it travels upon.

At the end of the day, our goal is to use high-quality equipment to manage the events for our clients.